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Mid February – Early April 2017


The Nursery operates a staggered intake to enable the children to become familiar with their new surroundings and gradually gain confidence. We encourage parents to stay with their children for the first day or so until they can settle happily. When places are offered, parents are given more detailed information regarding starting dates and times.


For practicality and to promote a sense of belonging within the school community, the children are encouraged to wear the Nursery uniform which comprises a yellow polo shirt, navy sweatshirt and navy tracksuit bottoms. It can be purchased from all uniform stockists in Carrickfergus including Gordon’s, Gary’s and Cuddy’s.

Nursery Fund

Each dayScreen Shot 2017-02-26 at 23.15.48 we provide a nutritious snack for the children  (following the Education Authority’s healthy eating guidelines) including toast, crackers and cheese, cereal and selection of fruit. A voluntary contribution of £2.50 per week is made by parents to the Nursery fund to cover this as well as enabling the purchase of items including dough and baking ingredients and small equipment. A birthday cake, card and photograph are provided for each child on his/her special day. The fund is also used to cover the costs for all visitors to the Nursery.

Children’s Belongings

Each child attending the Nursery is given a symbol which is above both his/her cloakroom peg and bathroom peg (where a bag is provided in which to keep a change of clothing). There is also a pigeonhole for each child with his/her symbol, enabling parents to find and collect their children’s work easily.


Parents are kept informed by way of monthly newsletters. These outline the topics and areas being focussed on each month and therefore enable parents to reinforce what children are learning in school They also highlight the dates of various events/holidays taking place in the unit and the primary school.

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 23.16.01Parental Involvement

Recognising that parents are the first carers and educators of their children, we promote regular involvement in the life of the Nursery. As well as encouraging parents to reinforce the learning taking place in school, there are lots of opportunities including:

  • Attending relevant meetings;
  • Participating in Stay & Play days;
  • Becoming part of the parent helper* rota (terms 2 and 3);
  • Coming in to share with the children about topic-related interests or occupations;
  • Supervising during school trips.

* Please note that in order to safeguard the children, parents or carers coming to Nursery to help in any way will be required to complete an Access NI form and attend a Child Protection training meeting that takes place towards the end of September.