Pastoral Carepastoral-care

In Whitehead Primary School children will feel secure, will be valued as individuals and will be encouraged in their learning, growth and social development within a healthy, safe and caring environment.  See Policies page for more details.

Golden Rules

Our School Council has devised our Golden Rules based on the acronym:





Our desire is that each one of our pupils is a little beam of light making a difference in someone else’s life. Springing from the acronym are the Golden Rules:

  • Do be kind – help others.
  • Do show good manners.
  • Do look after property.
  • Do walk quietly in the corridors.
  • Do be gentle – don’t hurt others.
  • Do wear school uniform.
  • Do be honest.
  • Do work hard, always try your best and never give up.
  • Do respect others – listen to new ideas.

As children keep the golden rules they are rewarded with ‘Golden Time’ when as a class or individuals they get to choose an activity in which they would like to participate.

Child Protection

It is the intention of school staff to take all reasonable steps to ensure that the welfare of children is safeguarded and that their safety is preserved.

What to do if you are concerned about the possibility of child abuse:  

The school has a Designated Teacher whose role it is to take responsibility for liaising with social services and other agencies over cases of abuse.  The designated teacher is Mr Graeme Baird (Vice-Principal).  In the event of his absence, Mr Jim Loughins (Principal) and Mrs Sarah Kidd will undertake the role within the Primary School and Mrs Roisin McConnell within the Nursery Unit.  All staff members have received training in the procedures which follow.

If you are concerned about one of our pupils, please make immediate contact with one of the staff members mentioned above.   See our Policies page for more details.