Mission Statement

“To provide, in partnership with parents, a safe, secure and stimulating learning environment where children can achieve their full potential and pursue excellence.”


  • To provide opportunities for children to engage in active learning contexts across all areas of the curriculum, developing skills and capabilities for lifelong learning.
  • To develop communication skills in order to express themselves socially, emotionally and physically, to develop as individuals and engage with others.
  • To engage children in effective learning by using a wide range of teaching strategies, balancing whole class, group and individual activities.
  • To provide a safe, enriching and stimulating environment where children can achieve their full potential, develop self confidence, self esteem and self discipline.
  • To provide opportunities for individual success while promoting enthusiastic, independent and enquiring attitudes to learning.
  • To foster the acquisition of social skills and prepare pupils for the opportunities,responsibilities and experiences of adult life.
  • To promote positive attitudes towards an active and healthy lifestyle, relationships, personal growth and change.
  • To encourage children to develop an awareness of right and wrong and understand how their actions can affect others.
  • To make children aware of some of their rights and responsibilities in order that they might contribute to creating a better world for those around them.
  • To develop an awareness and respect for the similarities and differences in families and people involved with school and living in the wider community.
  • To develop an effective partnership with parents and strong links with the community.